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Attention, please: Numbers!
A mathematical picture book
 Ulrich Vogt

This book is all about animals with numbers in their names, house numbers, pi and magic squares. "Attention, please: Numbers!" has now been published by Paderborn's experienced art, maths and computer science teacher Ulrich Vogt in collaboration with the HNF. It follows on from the HNF's special exhibition of the same name in 2008. The book presents the fascinating diversity of the world of numbers on 256 large pages featuring some 1.000 illustrations, and appeals to sudoku fans,maths teachers, interested schoolchildren and friends of arts in equal measure. The author's objective is to open his reader's eyes to the omnipresence of numbers in our daily lives. His book is available in the HNF museum shop, in all bookstores in Germany and directly via email address of UVO Verlag below mentioned.

256 pages, DIN A4/oblong format, four colors print, more than 1.000 illustrations, bound, high polish paper, 1.400 g

Price: 27.50   free postage in Germany, please address
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ISBN 978-3-00-027080-2

UVO Verlag Paderborn
Von-Moltke-Str. 20
33102 Paderborn